Our story

Do you work a job that doesn’t allow false nails? OR do you love long nails but wish you could pop them on and off, because let's face it, long nails can make the simplest task a nightmare. Well, snap! Let me introduce you to Nail Mail xo.

Nail Mail xo began in 2019 as one girl hand-making gel press on nails for personal use, friends and family. After hearing how much everyone loved them, I decided to take them to Etsy! Next Instagram, where we received so much love for our designs. Even New York Magazine featured OUR nails. Since then we have been lucky enough to be featured in more magazines such as ELLE. It was only natural after so much love and growth to create our very own website!

 Since our debut in 2019, we have manufactured and hand-painted thousands of nails. Nail Mail xo is now a global press on nail brand and that’s all thanks to our amazing customers. So THANK YOU!

....and to those that are new here, welcome to your newest addiction.