Frequently Asked Questions


Delays expected on orders placed mid July - August due to courier delays! For more information visit https://www.royalmail.com/latest-news 


Estimated shipping timeframe

UK - 3-5 working days

Europe - 7-10 working days.

International (worldwide) - 10-14 working days



Most common questions


  • The current processing time for made to order/custom designs is 14 days before shipment. This does not include the shipping timeframe.


  • Tracking is only available when “tracked” shipping is selected at checkout. Standard shipping does not include tracking.


  • If you have not received an order/shipping confirmation email, please check your spam/junk.


  • Our store prices are in GBP. To switch currencies please click the drop down menu. You will find the list of currencies at the top of this drop down menu. The price will default back to GBP at checkout.


  • What’s included? Every order contains 10 hand-made nails and instructions on how to apply. This is why it is so important to make sure you choose the right size. The sizing page can help you with this. Alternatively, Sizing kits are available to purchase for a small fee. (Recommended)

  • Our nails are made from gel. All products used on the nail are gel. Finished in a double layered gel top coat for strength and durability. 


Use a cuticle oil and apply at least once per day, preferably twice per day. This will help to keep your nails hydrated whilst wearing your press ons and keeps your cuticles in the best condition for a long lasting mani. No more cracked/dry finger tips! 

ALWAYS wear gloves when cleaning. The chemicals found in cleaning products and hand sanitizers will disturb the adhesive and polish which in turn will cause lifting, chipping and dullness to the gel polish. 

If you plan to wear your nails for only a couple of days we advise nail tabs.


Finally, investing in an e-file is the biggest tip! This will remove all old, dried glue from the back of the nail making them good as new. 





How long will my nails last?


When applied correctly your nails can last up to two weeks. This varies depending on how you have applied them and how you look after them.

Nail glue: Up to two weeks.

Nail tabs: These are great for a weekend and will last up to two days.

Remember, the key to a long lasting press on manicure is application. Take your time to complete all the steps correctly and enjoy the pamper you deserve. 

Please do not trim or file your hand made nails down. Altering the length will cause the nails to chip and peel. Please choose the desired length. 


How do I apply my nails?


Every order comes instructions on how to apply your new nails.

Please note: we are unable to ship glue internationally due to customs laws. 


Are my press on nails reusable?


You will be able to reuse your nails over and over if you choose to use the adhesive tabs as these will leave no build up on them.

If you choose to use nail glue, you will get a couple or a few wears out of them depending on how much glue you use when applying. The nail glue does dry and build up but if you remember to only use a small dot of glue this will help keep the build-up to a minimum. We also recommend investing in an E-file which can remove the build up completely, making your press ons good as new! We have these available to purchase on the “extras” page.

Please take extra care of your nails to keep them in good condition. Always remove them as delicately as possible.


Please do not trim or file your hand made nails down. This will cause chipping and peeling. 

Please note: we are unable to ship glue internationally due to customs laws. International orders include adhesive tabs.


 How do I remove my nails?


Easy! Just follow the steps below.

Step 1- Apply cuticle oil around the nails and behind the back of the nail.

Step 2- Fill a bowl with warm water ( as warm as you can go) and let them soak for a while. Using the cuticle stick provided in your adhesive kit, gently lift the edge of the nails til they pop off.

If you have a stubborn nail repeat the process again. Do not pull a stubborn nail off as this will damage your natural nail. 

Step 3 - Once removed, buff your natural nail lightly and apply cuticle oil. 


Head over to our Instagram page to see a video demonstration!  





What is the order process?


Find the set you like and simply choose the required size from the drop down menu. MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE CORRECT SIZE AS WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES. Please purchase a sizing kit if you are unsure on your sizing. Our store is set to GBP Pound Sterling, but we do have a currency menu located on our shop. The site will default to GBP on the checkout page.



Can I make changes to my order?


We allow order changes and/or cancellations within 24 hours of purchase. 






Can I order a custom set of press on?


Yes of course! We love to create new designs. If this is something you're interested in just either email us to discuss what it is you'd like.  Alternatively, if you have been in touch with us via Instagram, follow the instructions below.

DO NOT TRIM OR FILE YOUR HAND MADE NAILS! This will cause chipping and peeling. 


How do I order a custom set of nails?


Once you have been in touch, we have established what design it is you'd like and this has been given the go-ahead just head over to our shop page and you can purchase a "custom set" on there.

Just be sure that your name on the order matches the name you have been using to communicate with or leave your name in the comments box when placing your order. Just so we know who is who :) For anyone who has communicated via Instagram please leave your Instagram name in the comments box.






How long does it take for my nails to be shipped?


Our processing time for made to order nails is usually 1 week but this can sometimes increase when order volume is high. Please refer to the top of this page for accurate processing times. Custom sets come with a production time between 7-10 days before they're shipped.


How long does shipping take?


Our shipping timeframes vary during the pandemic. Please scroll to the top of this page for updated shipping timeframes.

UK delivery is expected to take between 2-5 working days.

International is anywhere between 7-14 working days.



How do I track my order?


If you choose to upgrade to tracked you may. This is in the drop-down menu at checkout. If an International tracked order is placed you will receive a tracking number via email please use this to keep track of your parcel. If you don’t see your shipping confirmation email, check your spam/junk email folder.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not liable for any delays with your shipping as this is out of our hands.