Press on nail Wholesale

Hand Made Press On Nail Wholesale 
Want to start a luxury press on nail business, but don’t want to do the manual labour? 
How it works 
  • Minimum spend £300 (approx 365USD)
  • Prices for cost per set is no less than shown on the website if you’re ordering the minimum order quantity. You must add your desired profit on top of the cost of the product. PLEASE NOTE: these are a luxury item. Our press ons are made using the highest quality, soft gel tips. They’re acrylic like and reusable. Our prices are very competitive for the quality, therefore there is plenty of room for profit. Orders £500 and above incur a discount, this will be discussed during the enquiry process. 
  • Custom designs welcome, please get in touch with images and details for a quote.
  • Shipping cost to be quoted upon request. Due to the nature of the lightweight packaging, our shipping costs are very competitive. 
  • Nails can come as displayed above (no box inc) each card comes in individual clear wrapping, so are ready to sell as they are unless you use your own custom packaging. Or you can opt for the boxes shown above also at an extra cost. these are available in pink, black or holographic silver. PLEASE NOTE: by opting for boxes the shipping costs will increase due to weight of package. 

Due to the nature of the product Nail Mail offers a limited amount amount of wholesale orders per month. Please bare this in mind when it comes to restocking. Allow plenty of time for recurring orders.