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NM Sizing kit

NM Sizing kit

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Purchase one of every size we do to find the perfect fit for you.

Available lengths/shapes are: 

Natural long coffin 

Sculpted medium coffin 

Natural XL coffin/square (XL tips are used to create a he long square sets therefore you will receive XL nails for the sizing process) 

You will receive a nail in every size. Use these to find which size fits you. If your sizes fit our set sizes (small,medium, large) then just select the one that fits you. If you find that our set sizes do not match which sizes fit you, simply email or leave a note at checkout with your custom sizes and order number like below. 

PLEASE NOTE LONG SQUARE & XL share the same measurements. You will receive XL tips in both xl & long square sizing kits. 

Thumb - 

Pointer - 








Find your nail size Sizing

Care Instructions

Use a cuticle oil and apply at least once per day, preferably twice per day. This will help to keep your nails hydrated whilst wearing your press ons and keeps your cuticles in the best condition for a long lasting mani. No more cracked/dry finger tips! 

ALWAYS wear gloves when cleaning. The chemicals found in cleaning products and hand sanitizers will disturb the adhesive and polish which in turn will cause lifting, chipping and dullness to the gel polish. 

If you plan to wear your nails for only a couple of days we advise nail tabs.


Finally, investing in an e-file is the biggest tip! This will remove all old, dried glue from the back of the nail making them good as new. 

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